A full-length ballet based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Ballet Cymru’s magical, gender bending world of fairies, lovers, and bewitching enchantment toured the UK in 2022. 

The score exists as both a fully recorded version, and also for one live musician plus recorded layers. In 2022 Frank performed with the ballet on bozuki, violin, drums, tenor recorder and Turkish ney.

Choreographed and directed by Darius James and Amy Doughty

Music composed and performed by Frank Moon

Video projection and costume by Darius James 

“It is clear from the outset that Frank Moon’s score will be Dream’s lifeline in moments which flounder, and its jet engine in ones which soar. Its delicate electronica sometimes cascades in silvery understatement, and other times rushes and struts with the same pomp as the fairy Puck’s mischief-making.” Wales Arts Review

 Frank Moon’s new score gets top billing for a reason – the music perfectly transports you to each world in the piece, the sounds of the eerie, Disney-esque world of the fairies contrasting beautifully with the raucous, joyous world of the mechanicals. Moon, present as a live musician, provides an important grounding element” Buzzmag

Frank Moon offers a wide variety of styles – country, Middle Eastern, electronic – with winsome melodies emerging from time to time. In its eclectic approach he seems to mirror the whole production which charms and amuses in equal measure.” The reviews hub

Photo: Sian Trenberth